Emergency Care

Emergency Orthodontic Care in Cincinnati, OH

We’re here for you when you need it most


You can prevent most problems by following our food recommendations and care advice. Still, stuff happens, even when you’re being careful. Don’t stress. Call or text us right away if you experience an orthodontic emergency—like a broken or lost appliance—even if you have a routine appointment soon. We’ll help you manage the problem until you come to the office.

If a bracket, band, or wire is loose, please call our office immediately; the brackets may need to be refitted. If you need to cut a wire in case of emergency, use fingernail clippers that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol. If you need to slide a bracket off at night or over a weekend, save it in a plastic bag and call our office on the next business day to schedule a repair.

If the wire is poking your cheeks or gums, move it away from the irritated area using a cotton swab or pencil eraser. If you can’t move it, relieve the irritation by covering the end with a small piece of cotton or wax. If the wire is still painful, you can cut it with nail clippers or scissors that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol. If you’ve cut the wire or cannot resolve the irritation, call us for an appointment.


It’s common to lose a separator over the course of treatment. If you lose one, call us to check if it needs replacing.

You’ll likely feel sore or uncomfortable during the first week after your braces are placed and after routine adjustments. This is normal and no cause for concern, but feel free to take acetaminophen or another non-aspirin pain reliever. You may also wish to use a warm washcloth or heating pad on your jaws to reduce soreness.

If you experience these or any other types of orthodontic emergencies, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team. We are here to provide the care you need!

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